About First Responders PrayerWalks

In 2007 John Ewing and Dave Gehrls launched First Responders in partnership with Omaha 360, The Empowerment Network, the Omaha Police Department, and other local groups.

Pastor Bruce Williams and Pastor Dave 
currently lead most First Responder PrayerWalks.

The mission of First Responders PrayerWalks is to help reduce violence in Omaha by mobilizing people from churches and neighborhoods all over Omaha to rally together at the place where one of our fellow community members was violently murdered. 

The Bible says that human bloodshed is violence to the land and all its inhabitants. 
  • We grieve with the victim's family, friends and this neighborhood which has suffered violence.
  • We pray for God's Presence and Peace in the midst of grief, pain, fear and questions.
  • We pray for Justice, and for our police...for them to receive the information to make an arrest, and that Justice prevails.
  • We want to say to victims and neighborhoods: “You are not alone! We are from churches all over Omaha coming together to stand united against violence.”

First Responder PrayerWalks are a community response to violence. 
  • They are not prayer-vigils on behalf of the family. Family members are invited if we have contact info, and our team reaches out to care and minister to them as Jesus would.
  • First Responders encourages people in neighborhoods to connect and get involved with local churches and organizations. 
  • We work to help people get to know their local police better, communicate, build trust and work with our police in reducing violence.
  • Every life is precious and to do the most good we focus on premeditated weapon murders first, then other forms of violence as we can.
  • While a public PrayerWalk onsite within 24-48 hours is our usual response to murder, we have learned that it is not always the most effective way to help reduce violence, so when indicated, we pray and reach out in other more appropriate ways.

To join the First Responders PrayerWalk Team:
Email  Dave at [email protected] with your personal contact info and the church you attend.

  • You will receive email announcements of our PrayerWalks. 
  • Come as you can and feel led. 
  • Feel free to bring friends and children. 
  • Police usually participate in our PrayerWalks and often include the Precinct Captain and other civic leaders.

PrayerWalking Resources:

Pastor Dave Gehrls has led over 300 PrayerWalks in Omaha and hundreds more in other cities in the USA as well as in places like Tijuana. Dave has identified 10 types of PrayerWalks that will help to transform your city.  

I addition to First Responders, PrayerWalking can be in Businesses, Schools, Churches, Government Offices, Neighborhoods, and  "Where are you, Cornelius?" Evangelistic PrayerWalks.

Click here for a PDF of Dave's PrayerWalking Quick Start Guide designed to help you quickly begin to see your community with the "Eyes of Christ." Printed copies  in English and Spanish are available on request.

If you are interested in training or more resources contact Dave at [email protected]

Dave's personal ministry blog is gehrlsministry.blogspot.com

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