Monday, March 5, 2018

A Workshop by Dave Gehrls
Christ For The City International

Wednesdays 7-8:00 PM
March 7th - April 25th (8 Weeks)
Life Church, 8433 W. Center Road, Omaha, NE

Witnessing is not something you DO…
Jesus said it is something you “BE.”  Acts 1:8 

What? Me Witness? 
This workshop will set you free from false pressure and expectations about Witnessing and Evangelism. It will release the natural witness God has already put within you to naturally just "BE" His Witness as one of His sons or daughters going about normal everyday life.

This workshop will not teach a method or program of evangelism. It will not make you a super spiritual salesperson.

This workshop will show you how the Holy Spirit is the one who works to draw people to Jesus and how to cooperate with Him. It will show you how to be more friendly and neighborly as you go about life on this planet.

This workshop will help increase your love and passion forJesus...and we all naturally share whatever we are passionate about.

This workshop is open to everyone, it does not require registration, so come to the first session this Wednesday (March 7th) and check it out.

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