Thursday, June 30, 2016

Note to First Responders from Dave: 

Sheryl and I are up north again on one of our Ministry/Family/Downtime trips. We will be offline (no Cell or Internet) from Thur afternoon through Sunday a cabin deep in the woods off Lake Superior and not far from the Canadia.  We will be home the evening of the 4th.

We are so thankful that we have not had Homicides for a while, but just in case Pastor Bruce will be coordinating with our lead team of Dave Wininger, Al Harrell, Todd Johnson and Jami Anders.

We appreciate so much your commitment to prayer in our city and also for us personally. Last Saturday up here we facilitated our third team ministry time to one of my oldest friends with ALS. We are all believing God's word, seeking and asking for a miracle healing. So far the only leading I feel strongly from the Lord is to "Pray Aggressively and not Dilly-Dally".

Tuesday night Sheryl and I celebrated 47 years together with a worderluf dinner at Norway Ridge way back in the woods north of Brainerd between to lakes.  This was so special for us as last year at this time I was just a few days from bypass. We are so thankful to the Lord for giving us a bit more time on earth together.  I ofthe remind Sheryl that the longer we are here together the shorter we will be appart. 

Tomorrow we head north to check up on some leaders we cared for earlier this spring and for a couple days in a cabin on a lake and then exploring and fishing on lakes we used to camp on with youth...many from Omaha churches and youth ministries in North year I took 10 Sudanese refugee teens into this special wilderness where we have seen many Divine connections. I love tent camping in the Boundary Waters but this trip is Cabin and motorized fishing boat....👬