Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Musings of a Nebraska Grandpa...

"Car runs red light, hits mail truck, driver suspected of DUI"
"Passenger freed from truck wreck, driver faces DUI charge"
"Awaiting sentencing for motor vehicle homicide, arrested for armed robbery"

These are three overnight headlines from just one news source this morning in Omaha regarding DUI related crashes. Am I the only one feeling that DUI related incidents have increased significantly the last few years? When I was younger there was a saying "Nothing good happens after midnight." Now it is mostly after 2:00 AM ever since Omaha gave the bars another hour a few years ago.

I found an interesting 2010 news article: Update: Mayor Supports Extending Bar Closing Time To 2am The reasoning, to quote Mayor Suttle: "This is an opportunity for our city to stay competitive with other metropolitan areas and puts Omaha on similar footing as cities such as Denver, Colorado, that have a 2am last call,”

The article goes on to say that "All the states that border Nebraska let bars stay open until 2 a.m. Those in favor of a later closing time say we're losing money to our neighbors across the bridge."

In another quote Mayor Suttle said, “This proposed ordinance makes our community more competitive in attracting events that bring people to our city, which grows our local economy. This change is an opportunity for our city that we should not let pass us by.”

Do these arguments sound familiar...like with gambling and legalizing marijuana?
  • And you can get good info regarding the current battle regarding gambling from my good friend Pat Loontjer with Gambling With The Good Life.
So has anyone done a study on the increase in DUI related costs in property, income, human life and for families since changing the bar closing times?

So now we not only give drinkers another hour any night of the week to get completely plastered before getting behind the wheel...hoping they get safely home to families harmed by their drinking... we are actually considering letting them do so while legally high and after losing family income at casinos... just so our city and state can get a bigger percentage of the cut...

 Dave Gehrls

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