Saturday, February 13, 2016

First Responders Double Homicide PrayerWalk: Sunday, February 14th: 3:00 PM at 2511 N. 140th Street

News Reports:Two brothers, John Edwards, 35, and Jason Edwards, 41, were shot to death Friday morning while helping their sister Julie remove her belongings from a home at 2511 N. 140th St. after a breakup with Kenneth Clark, 45. Clark then held Julie hostage for several hours home during a standoff and eventually released her. The standoff came to a conclusion about 10:00 PM when deputies shot teargas into the home then sent in a robot which found Clark dead of apparent suicide.

Both John and Jason Edwards left wives and children. I do not have contact info for the Edwards families so would appreciate help connecting to and notifying the family with the time and purpose our PrayerWalk.

Directions for PrayerWalk:
At 3:00 PM meet at 2511 N. 140th the Green Meadows neighborhood just north of Blondo which is in an unincorporated section of west Omaha.
Take 141st Street North from Blondo 2 blocks to Burdette the east to 140th Street then north to 2511. This will be a gravel street.

Thank You so much for being part of the church of Omaha helping to bring peace to the streets of our city.

About First Responders PrayerWalking:
  • The Bible says that human bloodshed is violence to the land and all its inhabitants. First Responders helps to mobilize the body of Christ to timely onsite prayer at crisis events in our community. We want to say to victims and neighborhoods: “You are not alone! We are from churches all over Omaha coming together to stand united against violence.”
  • First Responders PrayerWalks are a community response to violence. They are not prayer-vigils on behalf of the family. Family members are invited if we have contact info, and our team reaches out to care and minister to them as Jesus would.
  • First Responders encourages people in neighborhoods to connect and get involved with local churches and organizations. We work to help people get to know their local police better, communicate, build trust and work with our police in reducing violence.
  • In 2007 John Ewing and Dave Gehrls developed First Responders in partnership with Omaha 360, Empower Omaha, OPD, and other local groups.  More information is at or if you would like to be added to the First Responder team, send an email to Dave at [email protected] with your personal contact info and the church you attend.

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