Friday, December 11, 2015

Personal Note From Dave Regarding The Current Spike in Violence in Omaha

Thank You for your understanding and prayers into the current spike in violence in our city, which is being perpetrated by a very small number of people committed to a life-style of violence and retaliation. Not all violence in our city is gang related, but often these incidences are stimulated by a spiritual demonic backlash occurring in response to the Church's increasing prayer/obedience and as a result of God giving us some spiritual breakthroughs. It's my belief that concentrated times of violence are often demonic temper-tantrums designed to get our eyes off of Jesus.

We should not be surprised or distracted by the behaviors of those at Christian events who seek to draw media attention away from the good which is overcoming evil in our city. We should not be surprised or intimidated by demonstrations of demonic evil designed to generate fear and push us back into our church and ministry buildings.
We Do Not Battle For Victory, but FROM VICTORY!
The Total Victory Won by our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross through His shed Blood.
When we understand this truth it changes everything.

Although mostly unreported in the news, there are currently some amazing and wonderful stories of what God is doing in various ways all over Omaha in answer to prayer. Our PrayerWalks are just one part of that.

Without thumping our own chests, we need to focus attention on and 
proclaim "Loud & Proud" what our God is doing in our city.

Reducing violence and bringing peace to our city is both Natural AND Spiritual Warfare. Our police are to focus on the natural (physical) while, we the Church, live in two worlds. The Church needs to not only pray into the spiritual realm for the peace of our city and for our police, but also be prepared to stand with them in various ways...including appropriately in the streets.

Some media reports got the story of Tuesday night's very emotional PrayerWalk right, some did not, and they chose to do what they felt would increase their ratings or advance their careers.
  • Please be in prayer that the media starts getting things balanced it right. 
  • Also be in prayer for a Divine Intervention, TONIGHT, into this spike in violence.
  • Pray for Wisdom so we can find ways to allow the media to do their jobs without taking advantage of our PrayerWalks to get closeups of grieving families.
In the battle for the soul and peace of our city,
everyone is either part part of the problem or part of the solution.