Thursday, May 21, 2015

First Responders Community PrayerWalk 
following death of Officer Kerrie Orozco: 
Friday, May 22nd ~ 6:15 PM at the OPD NE Precinct... 
7:00 PM at Graham Triangle Park just west of 30th & Martin.

Following the tragic loss of Officer Orozco during the arrest attempt of Marcus Wheeler who was also killed in the incident Wednesday afternoon, we are calling the community together to grieve and pray for our city, our police, the Orozco family, the neighborhood and all families affected by this tragic situation: 

At 6:15 following the Omaha 360 Harmony Week "Honk for Peace" Street Rallies we will meet at the Omaha Police Department NE Precinct just South of 30th & Ames.

Kerrie was not only a great officer but a wonderful caring person who was involved in the community.  Last February Kerrie gave birth to a daughter.  Oliva Ruth was delivered early and was expected to come home from the hospital today, May 21st… today Officer Orozco was going to begin her maternity leave. The loss of Kerrie is our loss, as evidenced by the response from all over our community.  

We grieve as individuals and as a city with our police and Kerrie's family.

At 7:00 PM following the Prayer at the NE Precinct there will be a PrayerWalk at Graham Triangle Park just west of 30th & Martin to pray for the Wheeler family and the neighborhood impacted by this tragedy.  

While standing against violence and lawlessness we pray and seek Peace and Justice in our city.  We have ministered to moms, dads, brothers and sisters in great pain & without passing judgment onto surviving family members and friends of those involved in an incident, we care for all affected by violence in our city. 

In addition to the Prayer events here are some ways you can help right now:

1. Continue to pray for Kerrie's family, our police, and city leaders as we grieve together. Encourage your church leadership to pray in services this Sunday morning for our city.

2. Our police are very close and each officer is hurting and grieving right now. If you know some personally or run into some in the days ahead, reach out to them, thank them for their service and let them know you are grieving and standing with them...they are not alone.

3. The families of officers are also hurting as the reality they face every day when their loved one leaves for work is specifically acute right now. Pray for spouses and children...especially for God's peace that can overcome fears. If you have an officer's family in your church or know one, please ask God to give you a special way to reach out to them.

4. Pray for Harmony in all the events over the next few days and wisdom for those leading.  Pray specifically for the second PrayerWalk at Graham Triangle Park just west of 30th & Martin to pray for the families and the neighborhood affected by this tragedy.

5. Participate in Omaha 360's Harmony Week beginning tomorrow night (Friday) with "Honk For Peace"  Rallies at key intersections from 5:00-6:00 PM. 

This is a time for all of us to unite and pray for healing and peace in our city. 

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