Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It was amazing how many came out last night standing in cold rain a few days before Christmas to pray into two separate violent murders on Sunday and minister to the grieving family & friends. 

In the first PrayerWalk we prayed with a Mom that would gladly give anything to just have her son back for Christmas. Then something amazing and wonderful happened... This mom who had just lost her son came over to the second PrayerWalk to pray with us for a stranger's son! There was also another mom who had lost two kids a few years ago who came prayed with a power seldom seen.

Click on the Links below to see some news videos.

Pastor Bruce Williams and I are so thankful for so many of you who are committed and faithful First Responder PrayerWalkers. You come when you can or pray from wherever you are when you can't. You are helping the church to pastor on the streets by being God's hands and feet...demonstrating His love at the point of raw grief and pain. Violence and murder is significantly down this year and we will continue to do our part in keeping it down.

We appreciate the police that come as part of the community standing against violence. It is not uncommon to have Captains, and even the Chief and Mayor come on occasion.

I want give special thanks to the pastors and ministries like Abide, the Hope Center, Compassion In Action, Crossroads Training Center, Release Ministries,  etc who partner with First Responders and Omaha 360. 

Another key partner in our PrayerWalks is Impact One. Barbara Robinson and their team are on the front lines combating violence. Within minutes, they are at the scene, at the hospitals, in homes and in the midst of all the chaos, pain, grief and emotions. 

They bring the victims' families to the PrayerWalks, help us connect and care for the family, friends and neighbors then do key follow-up with those families. First Responders would not be what is is today without the partnership of Impact One.  

We also appreciate the positive media reports that have helped connect our mission to the city.  Click on each to see their report from last night. 

     KMTV-3 News Video on PrayerWalks 

     WOWT-6 Report and Video on PrayerWalks

     Omaha World Herald on PrayerWalks

     KETV-7 had a great video on TV but not yet online. 

Have a Blessed Christmas and see you on the streets of our city.


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Double First Responders Homicide PrayerWalks Monday, Dec 22th:  
5:15 PM at 3359 Erskine (South of Lake) 
6:00 PM in the lot just NW of the 30th & Ames Burger King

Media Reports:  After no murders in over a month...A very violent Sunday just before Christmas...

About 4:45 AM Kerrington Luker, 25 was found shot to death on the sidewalk in front of a homw  at 3359 Erskine (just south of Lake)
Kerrington Luker's mother calls it her worst nightmare come true. "You never want to get that phone call," said Alisa Luker. "And I prayed all the time to never get that phone call. But today is one of the worst feelings that you could ever have, and you can't help your baby, your baby is just laying there and you can't help them." (wowt.com)

Around 5:15 PM witnesses reported 25-30 shots from the area just NW of the Burger King at 30th & Ames.  Derek Johnson, 24 died at the hospital. Jermaine Richey, 28 and Demetrion Washington, 24 were wounded...one is fighting for his life and one is critical after making it to the Burger King for help. They were sitting in a car near the apartment building behind the Sinclair station and just NW of the Burger King.

At 5:15 PM the first PrayerWalk will start at 3359 Erskine which is just south of Lake Street. 
At 5:45 those who feel led will move to the lot just NW of the 30th & Ames Burger King for the 6:00 PM PW.

Both of these PrayerWalks have the potential to have significant turnouts. At many of our recent PrayerWalks, First Responders are essentially Community Pastors.  We need a team to stay and care as needed at Erskine and another NW of 30th & Ames. 

Click here for a Google Map: 

Thank You so much for your faithfulness...especially with such short notice. 
Watch for any updates Monday morning.