Wednesday, July 31, 2013

National Day of Prayer Task Force Bus to be in Omaha this Thursday, Aug 1

Wrapped in a “Pray for America” graphic, on May 31st, the NDP Task Force Bus set out on a journey traveling Coast to Coast, Community to Community, Church to Church: 

Encouraging all to remain in fervent prayer over our nation. 

Members from the national NDP staff on the bus are led by Senior Director of Prayer Mobilization, Lisa Crump. Their mission is grounded in Acts 18:23, where they “traveled from place to place throughout the region…strengthening all (who followed Christ).”  So far over 70 have come to Christ, hundreds have received personal prayer, and thousands have joined together in praying for America.

Go to:  and for more details or to Join & Track the national tour.

Noon Rally at City Council Plaza, the bus will be parked on Farnam Street in front of the plaza. Join with pastors and city leaders to pray for our nation and city.

"Prayer Bus Tour" of Omaha following the rally coordinated by Dave Gehrls and Barbara Gard

5:00 PM: Live broadcast on KCRO - 660 AM

6:30 PM: Citywide Prayer Rally at The Hope Center for Kids - 2220 N. 20th Street. Bus will be parked in front of Hope Skate by north parking lot, coordinated by William Femi Awodele

For more info contact:
Femi Awodele ~ [email protected]
Dave Gehrls ~ [email protected] ~ 402.651.3136
Barbara Gard ~ [email protected]
Karen Bowling ~ [email protected]

Friday, July 12, 2013

NEW: PrayerWalking Quick Start Guide

See Your City With The Eyes Of Christ
We just printed a new PrayerWalking Quick Start Guide in English and Spanish which summarizes what the Lord has taught us in over 20 years of mobilizing PrayerWalks. Click on link to see a pdf, printed copies are available upon request. But first, please take a moment to read how this came to be. 

Jesus said He only did what He saw His Father doing. When we stop asking God to follow us into our community and start following Him we see greater favor and blessing on ministry. Who is He preparing for salvation like Cornelius Who does He want to see healed or set free today?

Like Joshua before the angel at Jericho, God was there plan to take the city and the question is not is He with us but are we with Him? So when we begin by asking to see our city with the "Eyes of Christ" He will show and give us His heart and plan for our city.

Since 1997 we have mobilized several types of city-wide prayer walks and have now identified Ten Types of PrayerWalks that will help us connect to God's heart and plan to transform our city...other cities will have similar prayer access points.

In Omaha the primary hurt and felt need in our city is from violence. In 2006 Deputy Chief of Police John Ewing came to me and said that the police cannot stop the violence alone and we needed to get the churches involved. While PrayerWalking and PrayerDriving in a mini-bus the Lord spoke to a group of ministry leaders: "Make it costly for Satan to kill people in this city."

Following the Von Maur shootings at Westroads Mall in December of 2007 we felt the Lord leading us to mobilize First Responders and call people to pray at the site of every homicide within 24-48 hours. We now have PW over 250 homicide sites. In the beginning it was often just 3 or 4 of us standing in the snow. Now over half the time we have 50-100 as friends, family and neighbors come out of their homes to join us. News videos and pictures are available in resource section in right column of blog.

This PrayerWalking Quick Start Guide is designed to help people quickly get started or grow in PrayerWalking. PrayerWalking does not make our prayers more powerful...PrayerWalking is a tool to help us see our city with the eyes of Christ.

PrayerWalking Workshops: Dave has developed a PrayerWalking workshop where we learn by doing. We begin with an interactive PrayerWalk of a church then a brief neighborhood training PrayerWalk and debrief.