Thursday, March 15, 2012

After the vote--Now what?

Now What? 

That is the question I heard from almost everyone I talked to after the ordinance passed Tuesday.  

First of all I want to thank each of you for your prayers in and outside the council chambers and from wherever God led you to pray. I could feel God's presence very strongly in the chambers. In a few weeks our lead team will come together to debrief and look ahead, but for now here are a few of my initial thoughts:

Tuesday morning I was thinking about what the Lord Jesus might look like if I could see Him in the chambers today...Would He be weeping? Angry? Happy?  Pleased?  My heart's desire is that when He looked at us He would be pleased...and I can say I definitely felt His pleasure on us...I know that we had been faithful and obedient....and that is what He requires of His kids

Jean Stothert was outstanding. God gave her great wisdom and authority...I would love to see her run for mayor. We need to send thanks to her along with Franklin Thompson and Thomas Mulligan for having the courage to vote no and let them hear from us...because they will hear from the other side.

From the beginning I had a feeling that this was more about the state of the church in Omaha than homosexuality. While we need to be salty salt in our culture, we will not stop this with laws...but a revived and righteous unified church can transform our city. For that to happen may take some more shaking and even a season in Babylon.

This ordinance is part of a larger agenda and DOMA (Defense Of Marriage Act) is probably one of the next targets here in Nebraska. We are not alone, this is happening in cities all over the nation.

Again thank you for praying and being obedient to the Lord. Don't be discouraged, nothing happened today that God cannot deal with. Put in some extra time in the word and prayer and send us what you are hearing from the Lord. 

Like many of you, I am tired, so tomorrow (Wednesday) I am going to see my therapist...Rachel (my 4 year old granddaughter)...she will help me balance my perspectives.

See you on the streets...



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