Monday, December 5, 2011

Note to First Responder PrayerWalkers

Special thanks to all of you who were able to respond to last Wednesday's PrayerWalk on such short notice and also to you who could not come but held us up in prayer. Moving quickly worked out very well and we had over a 100 there with fairly good weather.

We went into this one on high alert... This home had seen shootings about a week earlier and was just a 100 feet away from the NO Salvation Army Youth Center who brought out over 30 youth to our PW. That combined with a large family groups from both the house, the victim's family and the neighborhood made a very large and diverse group. I know most of you who were there could sense the dynamics at work and were in prayer for God's presence and peace on the group...for which I am very thankful. The Lord gave us a wonderful time of ministry...several pastors prayed with great anointing and Willie Barney shared a Divinely inspired challenge that strongly impacted the youth and neighborhood.

We are seeing the power of prayer and obedience on the streets...and are working on a report documenting answers to prayer, what we are learning, and where the Lord is leading.

While many of us celebrate the coming of the Prince of Peace it is also sadly true that domestic violence increases significantly in our culture during the Christmas season...OPD reported at our last network meeting that domestic violence is increasing right now in Omaha. A few weeks ago a wife shot and killed her husband as he brutally attacked her... a 2-yr old and a 3-yr old were home at the time. First Responders does not normally do PrayerWalks in front of a home where one family member has killed another...we try to reach out to the family and neighborhood quietly as we have opportunity and we encourage non-public prayer for or near where these tragic homicides occur.

As you go about your activities during this Christmas season please give God permission to guide your eyes to see, recognize and then pray for hurting people and situations. God may or may not lead you to do something, but it is important that we learn to see our community with the eyes of Christ and not miss His heart and purposes in the hustle and bustle of the season.

Many Blessings be upon you all for faithfully praying this last year.

See you on the streets...

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