Thursday, October 6, 2011

First Responders - Prayerwalking Update

Strategic PrayerWalks: Last Spring I attempted to launch what I called Strategic PrayerWalks and it never came together. When First Responders began in 2007 our teams often prayed into the spiritual realm, as the Lord moved families and neighbors started joining in and the Lord gave us opportunities to minister to them. Many times our team has ministered to between 30 and 100 family, friends and neighbors...and we have seen people come to Christ right on the street. As these wonderful opportunities to minister developed, our team had less time to pray into the heavenlies...something many of these people and the media would not understand.

Paula Determan who has a youth at risk ministry called "The Way Home." has started bringing a small team of worshipers and intercessors to our PrayerWalks..their main purpose is to quietly worship and intercede around the edges while we pray and minister to hurting families and neighbors. I feel that this may provide the strategic prayer focus I was trying to get started last spring. If you are interested in this let me know or just show up and I will connect you with Paula and you can participate as led on site.

God is answering prayer in the 42nd & Bedford area: This has long been a violent area. In 2008 we saw violence go down through prayer...we let up and the violence returned. This summer the police and gang unit asked us to make the area a primary focus. We realized that a permanent prayer presence was needed. Gail Ross at Turning Point agreed to take the lead and has been uniting area churches, ministries, and neighbors to pray and take back their streets with remarkable results. Many of you were there when we helped them launch with a City-Wide Stop The Violence PrayerWalk at 42nd & Bedford on July 19th. In the 60 days prior to that PW there were 60 incidents of violence in that area...In the 60 days since there have been just 2 and neither had weapons involved. PTL! Another clear evidence of the power of prayer and a unified visible presence. They are planning a neighborhood clean-up day on Saturday, Oct 22. If you are interested in getting involved, contact Gail Ross at [email protected] or one of the local pastors in that area.

Opportunity to Pray and Minister: This is more Linda Reid's area with ETHP, but as she is still on a missions trip to Pakistan, I was asked to get this rolling...Turning Point Youth Ministry Campus will be hosting their 4th annual free outdoor music and performing arts concert, the Gospel On The Green! This free community outreach event is scheduled to take place in the courtyard on the Turning Point campus Saturday, October 15th, 2011 from 3:00pm to 7:00pm. They would like to have a Prayer-Ministry area during the event. If you are interested in helping to minister to people during the event please contact me (info below).

John & Viv Ewing: Most of you know the role John has played in forming First Responders and also may have noticed that John is running for congress. We will not endorse any candidate, but will always respond to pray for those in office... especially when they ask. Here is a request for prayer Viv sent me for John and her. "Please pray for Godly wisdom, unmitigated favor with members of the community, Protection from hurt and harm."

Four years and 200 PrayerWalks (150 First Responders) later...What have we learned? We have learned a lot on these PrayerWalks over the years and I want to compile the insights and lessons we have learned... especially what God has taught us. I have kept most of the email stories and thoughts that were sent me over the years but also want to give opportunity for more insights, stories, etc. from you all. Please take a moment to write down anything that is on your heart. When it is completed we will make it available.

See you on the streets...
Dave Gehrls

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