Friday, May 20, 2011

Harmony Week 2011 May 19-27

Sunday, May 22: 2:00 – 6:00 pm Harmony Sunday
Omaha 360 - A City United - Memorial Park
Speakers, Prayer, Music, Food, Inflatables, Rally
Bring your chairs, blankets, etc.

3:00 pm Safe Summer Rally, Prayer, and Activities

For more info and full schedule go to

Friday, May 6, 2011

First Responders PrayerWalk Update from Dave

We are in a remarkable quiet time without a homicide since April 5th and we have gone a week now without a felony assault. Last year after a violent Spring we went all summer without a gang homicide in North Omaha. Give praise to the Lord and keep praying that this calm extends into and all summer. Let’s not let up as the battle is far from over. Our lead team is planning a number of other prayer opportunities over the summer to keep the spiritual pressure up.
  • First Responders Homicide and Pre-Emptive PrayerWalks are standing ready to move quickly into prayer whenever and wherever needed.
  • Adopt-A-Block is growing and will become our primary long term prayer strategy until there is no place for violence to hide in Omaha.
  • The Strategic PrayerWalks at hotspots each month will begin as soon as I can finalize the scheduling.
  • We did our first North Omaha National Day of Prayer Breakfast yesterday with about 150 pastors and leaders in addition to our annual NDP evening prayer service last night at West Hills Church.
  • God is moving strongly in South Omaha right now, I have been teaching PrayerWalking in several Hispanic Churches the last few weeks and a number of pastors from North and West Omaha are walking in unity with Hispanic Pastors tomorrow morning in the Cinco de Mayo Parade.
  • Our Omaha 360 “Step Up, Step Forward – Help Stop the Violence Rally and PrayerWalks” for the summer will begin on Sunday May 22 at Memorial Park as part of Harmony Week…details coming soon.
There are two special areas we need prayer today and next week:
  1. Tonight there will be a special dinner for over 25 mothers who have lost children to violence. The goal is to just bless them with a nice dinner and fellowship with other mom’s who have been through what they have. Each mom will take home a gift bag full of beauty products that women from churches all over town have been donating the last few weeks. Please lift this time in prayer and pray that each mom receives a special touch from the Fathers heart that fills them with His peace and love.
  2. The Westboro Baptist Church has announced a demonstration for this next Tuesday at North High from 2:40-3:10 just as the students get out of school. The police will be there, and are primarily concerned about reprisal attacks on the demonstrators…Which is what they want to happen so they can then bring lawsuits which helps finance their efforts. Please pray that they decide not to come… We will be calling for a First Responders Pre-emptive PrayerWalk on Monday night at 5:30 on the Ames corner by North High School…also some of us plan to be at the school on Tuesday.
Blessings, Dave