Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Responders Homicide PrayerWalk: Thursday, April 7th, 5:30-6:00 PM in the main parking lot of Seymour Park, 68th & Harrison

Media reports: Just before 5:00 PM Tuesday, 19-year old Joseph Piper was shot and killed in the parking lot of Seymour park. With the help of witnesses in the park it appears that police are making quick progress… Tyler D. Weakly, 18, was arrested early Wednesday morning and booked him for accessory to murder.

Directions: At 5:30 PM Thursday we will meet near the tennis courts/shooting range in the main parking lot of Seymour Park 68th & Harrison. Rain is forecast so come prepared.

Please Note: First Responder PrayerWalks are not “prayer-vigils” on behalf of the family but a community response to violence. Family members are invited if we have contact info, and our team reaches out to care and minister to them as Jesus would.

Thank you for your faithfulness to be First Responders…to help reduce violence in our community.
“…until there is no place in Omaha for violence to hide!”

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