Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Responders “Preemptive PrayerWalk” for North/Benson/NW/Central Basketball Tournament,

 Tue Feb 22 and Thru Feb 24, 5:30-6:00 PM at Central High

Central High School has requested support from the OPD Gang Unit for a HS Girls BB Tournament this Tuesday and Thursday evenings. These girls games have the potential to become a target of violence usually from people not directly associated with the athletes, their fans and families.

First Responders “Preemptive PrayerWalks” are an extension of our homicide PrayerWalks that helps target events and activities where OPD and Omaha 360 feels that there is a potential risk of violence.

This is the eleventh time First Responders has done a “Preemptive PrayerWalk” in conjunction with Omaha 360, OPD and the Gang Unit’s Violence Suppression Team. So far, every time we have supported our Police with a “Preemptive PrayerWalk” there was no violence at the site that night and no significant violence at the site for the following week.

Game Schedule: (all games at Central)
Tue, Feb 22:
5:00 PM Central v. Northwest
7:00 PM Benson vs North
Thur, Feb 4:
6:00 PM winners play

Directions: Both Tuesday and Thursday we will meet at 5:30 PM just outside the main entrance to the Gym which is between the Football Stadium and the School Bldg. Access can be had from either the West or East side. If you do not see our circle near the main entrance, then we are PrayerWalking the area around the school in small teams.

Parking: I suggest PrayerWalkers park in the parking lot just to the east of the HS at 20th & Dodge or along Dodge just South of the School and the Joslyn Art Museum. Remember Dodge is a one way going West and there is no access from the Joslyn parking lot.

Thank You for your faithfulness to stand in prayer with our police and community.
If you cannot attend please be in prayer during the day and evening for exciting but peaceful games both these nights.

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