Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Responders Homicide PrayerWalk, TODAY, 5:30 PM at 40th & Ames, NW Corner

Last Friday a body was discovered under an abandoned house just north of 40th & Ames. It was initially believed to be well known business woman, and educator Dr. Karen Jenkins who had been missing for five days...Sunday evening that was confirmed. The motive and identity of her killer is still unknown.

At 5:30 we will meet in the empty lot on the NW corner of 40th & Ames which is just in front of the abandoned house where she was found and across the street from her business “Hank’s Place.” Parking should be available along 40th Street and in the parking lot at Hanks’ Place. The family is being invited.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Two First Responders Homicide PrayerWalks Sunday, Oct 24: 3:00-3:30 PM just south of 30th & Fort and then 4:00-4:30 PM at 24th & I

Media Reports: We have two homicides, one yesterday afternoon at 24th & I and the other at 2:28 this morning just south of 30th & Fort…

At the North Omaha shooting, officers found a brown 1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass blocking southbound 30th Street with the driver slumped behind the wheel. This appears to be gang related. From news video it looks like it is on the west side of 30th street just where 30th and the North Freeway split with the car involved in the parking lot of Distefano Tool.

The South Omaha homicide happened yesterday shortly after 1:00 PM at Expert Transmission Clutch and Engine Repair, 24th and I Streets. Media witness say a white car pulled up to the business and a man got out and fired six shots into the business. Police say the FBI had been working with officers in the area monitoring criminal activity when they heard the gunshots and were onsite within seconds. This was the 2nd South Omaha/Hispanic related homicide in a row and the 5th this year… neighbors are concerned that the area is getting more and more violent.

Directions: At 3:00 PM we will meet on the West side of 30th Street, just South of 30th & Fort right where South bound 30th and North Freeway split. Hopefully we can use the parking lot on the north side of Distefano Tool as it will be Sunday. Parking should also be available at the Sonic or Popeye’s.

At 4:00 we will meet on the corner of 24th & I

Thank you for your faithfulness to be First Responders…

Pass this on to others you feel might be interested.