Monday, September 28, 2009

The Most Amazing Homicide PrayerWalk Ever...

Justin Gaines, 20, was shot as he sat in a car Saturday afternoon September 19 about 1:45 PM just a few houses down from his home. Neighbors heard gunshots as at least eight shots were fired at Gaines in this normally peaceful neighborhood.

We have learned that when we do a First Responder Prayerwalk in a residential neighborhood in good weather people usually come out of their homes to join us. Tuesday evening we were completely amazed at what the Lord did at 4461 Curtis. Within minutes of making a prayer circle, two women came across the street holding babies. As the team started praying with them, more people were coming from all directions… every time we looked up there were more… Among them was Justin’s mother, brother, aunt and grandmother. We normally pray for 15-30 minutes but our team was kept praying for over an hour as over 50 neighbors including about 25 teens and children kept showing up.

You can feel the blessing and favor of Heaven as our wonderful First Responder team spreads out to connect and minister to people on the streets… This is the Salt getting out of the Saltshaker! This is following Jesus… embracing His heart for our city…into the streets where He is commanding a Blessing in the midst of the battle.

Whenever Douglas County Treasurer John Ewing lays his hands on young people in the inner-city and prays, you can feel the Holy Spirit imparting life-changing destiny into their lives. Pastor Bruce Williams boldly challenges young people to give their lives to Jesus and leads them in prayer to do so…

Joanne Norton quickly connected to Justin’s mom, Tanya, and as she was praying for her, Tanya said to Joanne, “It’s ok, three weeks ago Justin gave his life to Jesus.” WOW! A Divine Peace was radiating from her face greater than I have ever seen… Joanne later told me that Tanya's brother was murdered about 6 months ago in Phoenix. He was 31. Consequently, a number of those we met and prayed for have walked through this sadness and grief a short time ago. The good part is that about 30 people came to the Lord at his funeral and she is convinced that the Lord is going to use Justin's death to bring more people to Himself. Justin's funeral is Tuesday September 29 at Word of Life Fellowship, 3000 S. 20th. The viewing is at 10:00 AM and the service is at 12:00 Noon.

Blessings, Dave Gehrls